Easy and AffordableDigital Music Distribution

DIXTRIT.media offers a simple, professional and affordable digital music distribution service, getting music from indie and major artists onto the World’s leading Digital Service Providers, from commercial to niche, including outlets for Ringtones. Major DSPs include iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Boomplay, Tidal, Youtube, Vevo, and hundreds more.

From indie artists to major labels, DIXTRIT.media has a selection of distribution options and free perks aimed at generating the most possible revenue for our clients, with no hidden costs or catches.

What you get

With our Digital Distribution service, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Monetize your videos & music on Youtube (YouTube Content ID)
  • No annual or maintenance fees
  • Free ISRC & UPC
  • Ringtone distribution (iTunes)
  • iTunes preorder setup
High Revenue Share

Keep at least 75% share Revenue of Royalty accrued while retaining 100% ownership, copyrights, and merchandise rights

Monthly Royalty Reports

Sales Records are updated once every month and can be accessed in the user Account page

Video Distribution

We offer video distribution to Vevo.com and its syndicated partners, as well as your artist Vevo branded Youtube channel and iTunes


Concise reports of your earning is available in your account, updated twice a month.

Make sense of you sales data. Easily filter your reports to find out which country, platform, release or track earned you the most.

Digital Service Providers (DSPs)

With our distribution service, we strive at getting the maximum exposure for your music possible. Our list of partners include both domestic and international outlets; standard download stores and streaming providers; and a number of video and mobile providers.

Note: Some of the partners below operate in other brands through various territories thus bringing the total outlet reach to 300+ partners.

247 Entertainment
Apple Music
Audible Magic
Digital Tunes
Digitally Imported
Disc On Demand (Createspace)
Dubset Media
Dot TV
DJ Tunes
EOS Music
Express In Music

Forj Digital
Groove (Xbox)
Hard Dance Mp3
MEO Music (nMusic)
Milk Music
Mix Upload RU
Neurotic Media
Open Lab

Prime Music
Promo Only
Pono Music
Simfy Africa
Sirius XM
Spinlet (Nigeria)
Sultn (nMusic)

VL Group
YouTube Content ID
YouTube RED
+ Many More Now And In The Future!

Gateway to Asia:

KK Box (South Korea)
PYRO Music (EDM in China)
R2G (Mainland China)
iNDIEVOX (Taiwan)
Yonder Music (Malaysia)
Wasabeat (Japan)




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do I earn per download and/or stream?

    Your revenue per download and stream varies by shop and sales country.

  • How do I know that my music has been distributed?

    We will send u a fanlink that brings all the stores together. This way, you allow your fans to choose where they would like to download or stream your music.

  • How quickly will I see my Release on stores?

    We deal with all submissions of music releases as soon as we can. Most releases can be delivered to stores within 24-48 hours of us receiving them. Once received and we have checked that all is correct with your release package (including metadata and file formats), we will begin delivery to our distribution network. Some stores will have your music online the next day and some within a week, few stores may take slightly longer. We have no control over how soon stores will publish releases. Each store has its own ingestion methods and some even use manual ingestion. Releases that do not meet store specifications will be delayed, which is why we take care with our metadata and will send releases back to you asking for corrections if necessary. If you have a release that needs to go out on a certain day, it is always best to plan ahead of time and deliver your releases to us 6 weeks in advance.

  • What do I need to upload a Release?
    • If you have recorded your music or you have music you own the legal rights to release, then you are well on the way to being able to use our service. You need:
    • Music files in WAV format (alternatively: MP3)
    • Artwork in JPG format
    • Metadata information such as genre and performers etc.
  • What if I want to publish a Cover version?

    If you want to publish a cover version of an original recording, you have to follow these guidelines:

    • You have to enter all copyright owners of the original with full names (composer, songwriter and publisher).
    • You can’t use the original artist name. The title must not include “originally performed by”, “in the style of”, “tribute to” or “cover of”. The original artist can’t be mentioned or displayed on the cover picture.
    • You can’t change the song title of the original.
    • During the upload you have to enter “Cover Version” in the version field.
    • You can’t use the original recordings or parts of it. To do so, you need a written permission from the label.
    • You can’t change the original lyrics or composition. To do so, you need a written permission from the copyright owners.
    • Cover versions can’t sound exactly like the original, because such “soundalike” versions will be rejected by the shops.
    • If you can’t obtain the rights from a collecting society, you have to get a written permission from the copyright owners or publisher.

    Cover versions are often legally problematic. We recommend to always get written permissions from the copyright owners or to consult a lawyer.

    We can’t guarantee that cover version will be accepted by the shops. Some shops reject cover versions, if there are already too many versions of the same song.

  • What if I want to use samples?

    To use parts of other songs (“samples”) you need a written permission from the label owning the master rights of the original recording. If you use samples from music libraries, make sure you’re allowed to use them for commercial purposes.

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