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That’s the modern era. You can make it, but if it’s not marketed, if it’s not pushed, it’s like it doesn’t exist. – Bob Lefsetz

With our Promotional Services, we do the hard work for you. Our in-house team of experts deliver comprehensive PR campaigns getting you featured online and offline (Radio, TV and we take it to the streets through Alaba), our social media experts grow your fanbase and drive sales.

We can place your new music or press release on some of the biggest blogs such as LindaIkeji, NotjustOK, NaijaLoaded and TooXclusive. Guaranteed front page placements means you get massive attention and traffic. If you were to pay the companies themselves they charge thousands to get placements but we have deals in place with our partners allowing for amazing deals for indie & major artists to land their new projects on over 20 blogs. This grows your brand and puts your music on a pedestal like the majors.
Our Blog Placement services are guaranteed front page placement!
These blogs equal millions of hits per month with all potential eyes seeing your new music, video or press release.

Our Alaba Promoters/Partners include:

Megamix, Person Ent, Rudeboy, Babyface, Dufflebagboy, Ochinawanta, Obiukwu Music, Street Boss, Asabest, Uche, Arizona, Olablast, Paulofitch, Nikky Ent, JP Production, Godfather, Upright, 9jamaica, 21 Street, Lex, E-Concept, Movingtrain, and more.

Have a look at our pricing model below and contact us for further info

[kleo_pricing_table columns=”4″][kleo_pricing_table_item title=”Mini” price=”₦42,000″ button_label=”Contact” link=”url:%23Contact|||”]
  • Feature on 10+ Mixtapes
  • Distributed by 1 Promoter
  • One month promotion
[/kleo_pricing_table_item][kleo_pricing_table_item title=”Moderate” price=”₦70,000″ button_label=”Contact” link=”url:%23Contact|||”]
  • Feature on 20+ Mixtapes
  • Distributed by 1 Promoter
  • One month promotion
[/kleo_pricing_table_item][kleo_pricing_table_item title=”Max” price=”₦168,000″ popular=”yes” button_label=”Contact” link=”url:%23Contact|||”]
  • Feature on 20+ Mixtapes
  • Appear on Mixtapes’ Covers
  • Distributed by 3 Promoters
  • Three months promotion
[/kleo_pricing_table_item][kleo_pricing_table_item title=”VIP” price=”₦350,000″ button_label=”Contact” link=”url:%23Contact|||”]
  • Feature on 40+ Mixtapes a Month
  • Image and Song title on Mixtapes’ Covers
  • Distributed by 5 Promoters
  • Three months promotion
[/kleo_pricing_table_item][kleo_pricing_table_item title=”VVIP” price=”₦600,000″ button_label=”Contact” link=”url:%23Contact|||”]
  • Feature on 100+ Mixtapes
  • Viral usage of Image and Song title on Mixtapes’ Covers & banner
  • Special hype by DJs
  • Distributed by 7+ Promoters
  • Three months+ promotion

We also provide aggressive non-stop promotional packages. Contact us for more information.

Since every artist is unique and the possibilities are (almost) endless , we do not provide all-in-one “packages” but only personalized and custom campaigns.

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